Welcome to Hong Kong, Asia’s world city. With the opening of Hong Kong’s newest and most advanced exhibition centre - AsiaWorld-Expo in December 2005, The Expo Concierge is committed to provide top notch and unique concierge services for its visitors upon their arrival at the Hong Kong International Airport or at AsiaWorld-Expo. An extensive range of value-added services includes porter and baggage check, baggage storage and the business services provided by the professional Business Centre and Expo Concierge Counters.

歡迎來到亞洲國際都會 – 香港。 亞洲國際博覽館是香港最新及最規模的博覽館,並于2005年12月落成使用。博覽館禮賓服務由訪客到達香港國際機場或亞洲國際博覽館能夠提供一系列體貼的服務,包括行李寄存、托運服務及專業的商務中心服務,博覽館訪客便可立刻享受到賓至如歸的服務體驗。